Terrible Twosome Wrapped Canvas Print

Babylon Series

Artwork Description: A carved orange Halloween pumpkin, topped with a long gnarly stem, sits in a patch of tall, dark green grass. The jack-o-lantern's face has a large grin with pointy teeth, and squinty eyes that make it appear to be laughing.  Inside the pumpkin is pitch black, with fibrous strands running between its upper and lower teeth.  The twisted stem bends sideways, laced with a tangle of delicate vines.  From the far end of the stem, a large black and purple striped spider descends on a string of webbing.  The pumpkin watches the spider with the glowing purple embers of its eyes.  Together they create the promise of Halloween spookiness and fun.  In the background, the atmosphere glows with the shady golden light of an autumn evening.