About Chaos in Color

We sell colorfully twisted high-quality artwork for an adult audience. As you make your way through our shop you'll find yourself immersed in a world of curiously cognizant cats and skeletons, where the cats are alive and the people are not. These folks get around surprisingly well for being dead.

All of the artwork has been created by one person, contemporary artist Annie Dunn. She uses freehand digital painting to create a mirthfully macabre style that is meant to make you think twice about what's really going on. It's a bit like Dia de los Muertos crossed with a copy of the Sunday funnies. 

Being a night owl who grew up across the street from an old small-town cemetery, Annie's paintings gravitate towards the magical, with exaggerated color and light, misunderstood creatures, dark shadowy forests, lively graveyards, and starry night skies. In a way she has become reacquainted with her childhood love of writing spooky stories, except this time with pictures instead of words.

Chaos in Color has the most complete collection of Annie's available work, printed for you in the highest quality formats. We hope you'll be tickled to death by what you find here.