About Chaos in Color

Chaos in Color is the work of one person, contemporary artist Annie Dunn.  

Being a night owl who grew up across the street from an old small-town cemetery in Iowa, Annie's paintings reflect the dark from a cheerfully macabre point of view.

Most of her pieces feature skeletons who don't know they're dead, and cats just being themselves, with background scenery heavily populated by trees and celestial objects.  In a way she has become reacquainted with her childhood love of writing spooky stories, except this time with pictures instead of words.

Annie was born vision impaired, and her bold style reflects this.  She also puts an emphasis on the eyes of her subjects and even includes eyeballs as subjects in their own right. 

Annie describes her artwork genre as gleefully existential. The painting medium is freehand digital, with the finished pieces printed in limited editions using archival materials.

People frequently want to know why she focuses on cats and skeletons. In Annie's own words:

My work is largely symbolic and it tends to be geared towards heavy existential type stuff. With that in mind, I grew up thinking of skeletons as my eccentric old neighbors, but they have since evolved into abstract humans, which are great for telling stories that aren't about specific people. 

Cats, on the other hand, are my escape from the serious stuff. They are comic relief, beauty, and character actor all rolled into one. I want to raise the social status of cats, and by association the status of the people who love them. What better way to do that than to portray them as valued beings. I like all animals, but cats in particular speak to me. 

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