About Chaos in Color

Chaos in Color, where the cats are alive and the people are not.

Chaos in Color is the work of one person, contemporary artist Annie Dunn.  

Being a night owl who grew up across the street from an old small-town cemetery in northwestern Iowa, Annie's paintings reflect the dark from a cheerfully macabre point of view. Her artwork features misunderstood creatures, dark shadowy forests, lively graveyards, and starry night skies. In a way she has become reacquainted with her childhood love of writing spooky stories, except this time with pictures instead of words.

Annie was born vision impaired. She competes in a highly visual field of work because she wants people to experience the altered perceptions of a vision impaired visual artist. She also likes to defy expectations.

Annie's medium is freehand digital painting, with tools consisting of a pressure sensitive tablet and stylus connected to a color accurate computer workstation. Production pieces take about a month to complete and are printed as limited editions using archival materials. Annie also creates a smaller more experimental painting every single week.

People frequently want to know why she focuses on cats and skeletons. In Annie's own words:

First and foremost, I portray cats as valued beings. I want to raise the social status of cats, and by association the status of the people who love them.

At the same time, I like to portray death as if it's an eccentric next door neighbor. Fear of death causes a lot of human suffering, and giving it this kind of familiarity takes away some of that power.

I combine the two because they make good companions, like opposite old friends. The skeletons remind me that I'm going to die, and the cats remind me why I want to live.