Wake the Dead Wrapped Canvas Print

Babylon Series LE 32

Artwork Inspiration:  How do you look before your morning coffee? 

Artwork Description: A grumpy looking skeleton stands in front of a wall of burial vaults inside of a mausoleum.  The skeleton is wearing a dark gray bathrobe and fluffy pink cat slippers, as if he just woke up.  He carries a steaming cup of coffee that has a paw print on it.  His open vault can be seen on the bottom row, with a teddy bear sitting in the opening, and the removed vault door on the floor.  There are spider webs on the vaults and a single spider in the upper left corner of the room.  Four of the vaults have names and dates for authors R. Bradbury, O. Butler, T. Pratchett, and S. King.  The end date for S. King is not visible because this author is, at the release of this artwork, still very much alive. 

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