Green Man Wrapped Canvas Print

Babylon Series

In this artwork, the legend of Green Man takes on a decidedly feline aspect. The bust of a figure takes shape from an array of broken off tree branches that gather in a clump at the bottom and spread out into a crown at the top. A pair of intense green eyes glare out from dark slotted sockets in the wood.  The nose and mouth are those of a cat, with the lower lip being a patch of wood bark. The mouth is slightly open, as if about to say something of great importance. The face is covered in a full thick beard of light green moss that hangs neatly well below the chin.  A mass of bent crinkly cat whiskers jut out from the cheeks, creating a bristly expression. Small, shiny, green leaves trail over the branches and down the beard, adding a touch of adornment to an otherwise cantankerous visage.

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