Lucipurr Cat with Horns Matted Print

When a cat decides to sit on you, waiting it out is all you can do.

Description: A gray and white cow cat with curled horns and a mess of whiskers stares straight at the viewer while sitting up straight on top of a human skull. The cat is wearing a royal pink cape with a high back collar. The front of the cape is pinned together with a red heart bearing the cursive letter L. The skull rolls its eyes back in frustration because there's nothing it can do about the cat. In the background roars a warm fire in a stone hearth, surrounded by an assortment of cat toys and accessories. 

11x14 Red Mat
11x14 Burgundy Mat
11x14 Pebble Black Mat
11x14 Metallic Graphite Mat
11x14 Metallic Gold Mat

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