Live Long and Prosper Matted Print

I painted this as a humorous takeoff on Spock and his home planet of Vulcan from Star Trek. Vulcan historically had red oranges skies and lots of pointy rock formations.  A true trekkie will hopefully appreciate the sehlat making the Vulcan hand gesture, along with the similarly posed saguaro cactus.  The gesture is of course traditionally accompanied by the greeting "Live Long and Prosper".  Oddly enough, saguaros are not known to be native to the planet Vulcan, but they are native to my home state of Arizona.

About Our Giclee Paper Prints

We use 60lb ultra smooth bright white paper made with a 100% pure alpha cellulose base stock. The paper, coating, mat, and backer board are all acid neutral. The print size is 8.5x11 matted up to a standard size of 11x14. These prints are a limited edition of 256. The matted prints come with a certificate signed by the artist. The unmatted prints are part of the same limited edition series, but they do not include a certificate.


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