One of a Kind (OOAK) Giclée Wrapped Canvas

OOAK Giclee Canvas

We occasionally release one of a kind giclée canvas prints. This means that while the artwork is a print, there will only ever be one canvas. The artwork comes from the weekly paintings posted at Cats of Chaos

When these pieces become available, patrons at Cats of Chaos get first access. We do this because our incredibly awesome patrons are the people who make the weekly paintings possible. 

After that we make the remaining canvas available to our wonderful email subscribers.

Any pieces that don't sell through these private channels may then be offered to the public via our online store, etsy, an ebay auction, a gallery, or any other channel of our choice. 

If you want early access to the one-of-a-kind artwork you can either become a patron or a subscriber

If you miss out on a piece that you love, don't worry, we do offer paper prints as well. Get in touch to arrange an order for the paper print that you want.