What Was CowCats.com and Where Did It Go

CowCats.com was an online pet adoption center.  It was ahead of its time when we created the prototype version for a local pet rescue group in 1997.  The software handled, among other things, the management of biographies for adoptable pets.  Every single pet in the system could be seen online, and this made a significant contribution to their adoption numbers.  In October of 2001 we rewrote the software and made its features available for free to the public at CowCats.com.  Now in 2023, more than twenty-five years later, we have decided that it's time to pass the torch to the next generation of adoption services that have become available.

For those who found this page while searching for help, please take a look at the following resources. A pet rescue group might seem like the most obvious solution for your situation, but their services are in high demand and their resources tend to be limited.  You might have more success with direct adoption, new housing options, or financial aid.  Listed here are some of the available options. 

Keeping animals out of shelters through direct home placement: 

Find Pet Friendly Housing: 

Apply for Financial Aid: 

Locate Low Cost Spay / Neuter Services: 

How to Find Lost / Missing Cats: 

Help for Neighborhood / Stray / Community Cats: 

Find a Pet Rescue Group: 

More Resource Listings

 To everyone who ever used CowCats.com, thank you for helping cats!

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