About the Artwork

Annie Dunn, the artist behind Chaos in Color.

Contemporary artist Annie Dunn uses freehand digital painting to take thought provoking jabs at reality. Her offbeat style most closely resembles American magic realism crossed with Dia de los Muertos and a copy of the Sunday funnies. A special affinity for cats is also overwhelmingly evident.

Being a night owl who grew up across the street from an old small-town cemetery, Annie's paintings gravitate towards the supernatural. This comes through with her use of exaggerated color and light, as well as more subtle symbolism, such as curiously cognizant cats and skeletons, dark shadowy forests, lively graveyards, and starry night skies. In a way she has become reacquainted with her childhood love of writing spooky stories, except this time with pictures instead of words. While largely self taught, Annie credits online classes for most of her art education and says that she makes a point of learning something new with every painting.

Although a self-described recluse, Annie has exhibited throughout the Southwestern United States at art shows, comic conventions, and book festivals. In between these public sightings, she is rumored to live with her husband and a clowder of cats in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.


Artist Statement

"My painting process is similar to an excavation. I'll see a little bit of potential in something, maybe even just a single word, and then with curiosity in hand I'll start digging around it. Through experimentation, research, and many iterations I take my initial scribbles and sculpt them with light and volume. While there is plenty of symbolism, this isn't surrealism. The beautiful and sometimes dark humor that comes through is my interpretation of reality."