Meet the Chaos in Color Crew

As you interact with the website or attend our live events, you might encounter some of these characters.

If you want to hear from the feline specialists, you must subscribe to receive emails. A signup form is available at the bottom of this page. 


Onboarding Specialist

When you subscribe for emails, Raven will be the one to greet you and give you the initial tour. 



Customer Service Specialist

When you place an order, Pinky will follow up with you to make sure everything is purrfect. 



Shopping Cart Specialist

If you have trouble during checkout, expect a helpful visit from Loki. 



Research and Development

When we need to ask for input about exciting new ideas, you might be one of the lucky folks who receive an important survey from Chaos. 



Conveyance Specialist

You will most likely meet John if you attend any of our live events. 



Artist & Feline Lackey

Annie is the artist and founder of Chaos in Color. She also does the cats' bidding.



Cosplay Handler

Ted manages the Chaos Reaper when he makes appearances at live events.