Coming Out as a Crazy Cat Lady

December 13, 2016

Coming Out as a Crazy Cat Lady

Dear Reader, 

I've always been known as someone who is fond of cats. Our family seems to have a cat gene that is either all the way on or all the way off - dedicated cat fanatics vs people who say 'meh' to cats. I don't understand the people in the second group but since they are relatives I do my best to show compassion for their obviously debilitating condition. 

I recently started making more of an effort to seek out crazy cat people to whom I'm not genetically related. What took so long? Well, before I embraced digital painting I quite often found myself in the types of settings (jobs, school, etc.) where having a non-standard personality was a bit of a bad thing. So I tamped it down, to some extent, but I'm not much of an actor so I'm sure it still bled through. 

After I started working as an artist I found that I needed to exhibit a more eccentric persona because art collectors expect artists to be interesting. Fortunately I didn't have to fake it, I just had to let the inner cat freak out of the box. I wouldn't say that a love of cats is my only peculiarity but it is almost certainly the most socially acceptable one.

A few months ago I became acquainted with two women from Nevada who admitted that they also used to be 'closet cat ladies' who decided that it was time to publicly show their own fondness for felines. These days they make up a team proudly know as Two Crazy Cat Ladies. While their primary business focus is on cat health, they are also on a mission to seek out and get to know other cat centered micro-businesses. 

Crazy Cat Lady #2, also known as Jae, recently wrote a blog post featuring Chaos in Color, giving us their seal of approval as fellow cat fanatics and small business owners. Thank you to both Adrienne and Jae for reaching out to us and making such a pawsitive effort to bring our circle of crazy cat people closer together. 

If you, dear reader, would also like to expand your circle, you'll find many worthy candidates in the Two Crazy Cat Ladies Blog

Mirthfully yours,

The artist behind Chaos in Color, Annie Dunn

About the Author

Annie Dunn is the artist behind Chaos in Color. She's been a digital painter since 2003 and a scrap paper doodler for her entire life. She's kind of nutty about cats, has an odd affinity for skeletons, and likes to watch period movies on Netflix.