The Dreaded Question

March 07, 2016

The Dreaded Question

Dear Reader, 

You might have noticed that I paint a lot of cat art. The people who visit my booth have certainly noticed, and after looking around to see if I've painted a cat that looks like their own beloved cat, the dreaded question often comes.

"Will you paint my cat?" 

I imagine I must get a deer-in-the-headlights look when this happens because I hate to disappoint such hopeful expectations. I almost always have to say no though because I'm already way behind on my things-to-paint list. That list takes a top priority because this is how I make a living and I need to spend my time creating pieces that (I hope) will appeal to a wider audience. 

I have been curious though about the viability of painting custom cat portraits, so I created the Cats of Chaos Photo Contest as a trial run. 

The contest worked like this: Anyone could upload a photo of their cat, and anyone could vote for their favorite cat photos. The votes would determine three finalists, out of which I would pick the winner and then create a painting based on that cat. 

You can probably imagine that some photos are more artistically interesting than others, and I'll admit that I was worried about being able to create artwork based on what would be, from my perspective, a completely random cat photo. So I added the last proviso as a fail-safe, figuring that at least one of the top three would give me a spark of inspiration. 

Well the contest is over, the votes are in, and we have our finalists - three beautiful little wide-eyed whiskered faces, each one entirely worthy of being the subject of a painting. So now I'm faced with the daunting task of picking just one of them and (I can only assume) disappointing the other two. 

There is that deer-in-the-headlights look again.

Mirthfully yours, 

The artist behind Chaos in Color, Annie Dunn

About the Author

Annie Dunn is the artist behind Chaos in Color. She's been a digital painter since 2003 and a scrap paper doodler for her entire life. She's kind of nutty about cats, has an odd affinity for skeletons, and likes to watch period movies on Netflix.