The Perils of Customer Reviews

January 23, 2016

The Perils of Customer Reviews

Dear Reader, 

Like many artists (and like many cat people), I'm an introvert. To be clear, I'm not just a little bit introverted. My social habits have me leaning precipitously over the edge of the introvert scale while taking a blind step out in to thin air.

It's a good thing then that I run my own business because in order to succeed I pretty much have to interact with people. The exchange of ideas and serendipitous inspiration that comes from these encounters is priceless, and also vital to keeping a grip on my sanity. 

This brings me to the potentially perilous topic of online customer reviews.

As an introvert I'm obviously disinclined to start up public conversations. As a business person though I recognize the value of transparency. And as an artist I'm intrigued by the potential for creative input from a new platform.

In the triad of split personalities that's two against one, so starting today I'll be publishing reviews in the Chaos in Color online store

Since this is brand new, I'll be sending out a little incentive in the next newsletter. If you, dear reader, need an additional reason to write your own reviews, know that you'll be aiding an unabashed introvert in her quest to be slightly less reclusive. 

Mirthfully yours, 

The artist behind Chaos in Color, Annie Dunn

About the Author

Annie Dunn is the artist behind Chaos in Color. She's been a digital painter since 2003 and a scrap paper doodler for her entire life. She's kind of nutty about cats, has an odd affinity for skeletons, and likes to watch period movies on Netflix.