Musings for the Mirthfully Macabre

December 10, 2015

Musings for the Mirthfully Macabre

Dear Reader,

You might have noticed that I've recently started describing my artwork as "musings for the mirthfully macabre". While I like the alliteration and conciseness of that phrase, for the sake of the confused, I'd like to discuss the full meaning in a little more detail.

So let's break it down:

  1. Musing has to do with thought and contemplation.

  2. Mirth is about cheerfulness and laughter.

  3. Macabre is an adjective for death and horror.

Combining those three things describes my basic intent, which is to contemplate (muse upon) the unpleasant possibilities (death and horror) with as much good humor (mirth) as possible. Let's call it therapeutic. 

To some extent this is gallows humor, but my depictions tend to be more subtle and open to interpretation. Instead of making the ending inevitable, I'd rather leave events unfinished, sit back, and listen to where the viewers decide to take it. 

So that's my story but what about you? You too might be mirthfully macabre if:

A dancing skeleton makes you think fondly of your dearly departed Aunt Agatha who you are fairly certain would never agree to stay cooped up in a musty old grave.

Horrific man-eating aliens make you marvel about the infinite variety of life that could be out there, and also wonder if they might possibly be convinced to go vegan.

Highly intelligent cats sound absolutely wonderful, in spite of the fact that in addition to being able to discuss their favorite books with you, they'd also still be furry little killing machines who have gained the ability to collaborate and use tools.

In short, if you are for the most part a decent human being who occasionally finds joy in the darker corners of our existence, then I think you too might belong here.

Mirthfully yours,

The artist behind Chaos in Color, Annie Dunn

About the Author

Annie Dunn is the artist behind Chaos in Color. She's been a digital painter since 2003 and a scrap paper doodler for her entire life. She's kind of nutty about cats, has an odd affinity for skeletons, and likes to watch period movies on Netflix.